1  Conditions of Use

1.1       Users of the track must be a resident or ratepayer of the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

1.2       Users of the track, and at least one parent/guardian if the user is under the age of 18, must have attended a track induction course.

1.3       These Regulations governing rules and conditions of use must be agreed prior to riding on the track.

1.4       Participants are required to sign the riders log book each time they come to the track. Children under 18 years must be signed in by their nominated parent or guardian.


2   Operating Times


  • Saturday: 11:00am − Engines off 4:30pm, Gates close 5:00pm
  • Sunday: 11:00am − Engines off 4:30pm, Gates close 5:00pm
  • School Holiday Wednesday: 11.00am − Engines off 3.30pm, Gates close 4:00pm
  • Public Holidays: 11.00am − Engines off 3:30pm, Gates close 4:00pm

Track open on following public holidays; Australia Day, Queens Birthday, Melbourne Cup, Labour Day. Closed all others.

Please Note Track is closed:

  • on days of Total Fire Ban, High winds, Weekdays,
  • some Public Holidays,
  • third and fourth Sunday of every month
  • and if no voluntary track Supervisors are available.

Track may be closed at any time due to prevailing weather, track conditions or at the Day Supervisors discretion.

3   Speed Limit

3.1          A 20km/h speed limit applies on BlueScope land. This is all roads from the entrance off Denham Road. This is a condition of the use of the land.

3.2         This is a critical requirement of our lease. Please respect this requirement of our Club and our sponsor.

3.3        If caught speeding by Police or BlueScope Security offenders will have their membership suspended and your membership may be cancelled.

4   General Operating Rules

4.1         All persons entering the property must obey instructions given by authorised supervisors of the Mornington Peninsula Motorcycle Club Inc. (MPMCC).

4.2         Any person in breach of the rules will be subject to ejection and where applicable liable to pay compensation for any damages. Membership may be withdrawn.

4.3         Only members can ride at the premises. All persons wishing to join the club must make an application to the committee in accordance with the Rules.

4.4         Persons under the age of 18 years are to be under supervision of an Adult over the age of 18 years who shall be responsible for them and their actions at all times whilst  at the track and on BlueScope property.

4.5         No pets/animals to be brought on site.

4.6         All riders, and where required, their guardians must sign in, and indemnity forms to be read and understood before commencing to ride.

4.7         No pushbikes permitted on the tracks.

4.8         A 15−kph−speed limit to be observed in the car park.


4.10       Spectators (e.g.; non rider, guest, onlooker, etc) are to remain in designated areas only.

4.11        Please clean up any of your rubbish before leaving.

4.12        Place all rubbish in appropriate bins.

5   Public/Spectators - WARNING

5.1          Spectators must remain within the public area for their own safety and for the safety of the riders.

5.2          All signs and notices within the area are to be STRICTLY ADHERED TO.

5.3          Persons, (other than day supervisors) entering Advanced/Senior Track will be asked to leave the site by Club Officials.

5.4          Only Club Officials/Supervisors are permitted on the Senior /Advanced track unless authorised to do so by the DaySupervisor.

6   Parents Supervising - Beginner or Junior Track

6.1          Parents or guardians must obtain permission from Club Officials/Supervisors before entering these areas.

6.2         Parents or guardians entering the beginner or junior track to supervise their children must be a club member.

6.3         Parents entering the beginner or junior track must wear an ORANGE high visibility safety vest or jacket

6.4         Parents entering the beginner or junior track must follow any directions given by Club Officials/Supervisors.

7   Parent/Guardian Supervision

7.1           A Parent/Guardian must be present at the track when their children under 18 years are riding on the track.

7.2          A Parent/Guardian is only permitted to ride at the same time as their children if they are on the advanced track.

7.3          Children riding on the beginners or junior track must be supervised by a non-riding Parent/Guardian.

8   Track Rules


8.2        All bikes must be trailered to the car park of the track, even if road registered.

8.3        Dangerous riding practices will not be tolerated.

8.4        Starting of bikes is only permitted in the pit and track area. Bikes must be walked to and from the car park. No starting or riding of bikes incarpark

a)        Bikes must be walked to and from track Entry and Exit areas.

b)        There shall be noS tarting or riding bikes in any other areas.

c)        There will be no riding of bikes in the pit area.

8.5       No pillion passengers on any bikes at any times.

8.6       Track riding facilities include a beginner, a junior and advanced track. All riders/guardians shall assess their own riding ability in selection of track to ride. Day Supervisors reserve the right to allocate which track a rider will use. Experienced riders may not use the beginner track.

8.7       Riders should only attempt to ride areas that are within their level of capability and should understand that any attempt to ride obstacles above their abilities may increase their risk of injuries.

8.8       A rider, and where required, guardian shall familiarise themselves with the terrain prior to attempting to ride.

8.9        Riders must complete a full circuit of the track.

8.10      Respect other risers and pass when safe.

8.11       Practise of any one area of the track is not permitted.

8.12      No practise starts allowed.

8.13      No unauthorised person permitted on the track at anytime.

8.14       No reverse riding at anytime.

8.15       No short cutting the track

8.16       No stopping to wait for other riders    

8.17       Bikes must not be parked along sides of the riding tracks.

8.18       Refuelling in the pit area only.

8.19       No oil changes at the track. Any fluid spillage to be reported to the DaySupervisor.

8.20       Riders on the track are under Track Supervisors control at all times.

a)         GREEN Flag is displayed to start the session.

b)        RED Flag displayed to end the session.

c)        BLACK Flag pointed at a specific bike and rider means that rider must leave the track immediately.

9  Bike Minimum Standards

9.1         All riders/guardians verify that their bikes conform to these following standards and are personally responsible for ensuring that these standards are adhered to. No rider shall use the track if there is a failure to meet these standards.

9.2         If the Day Supervisor notices any bike being ridden that does not meet the intent of the MPMCC rules and standards the rider shall be advised of such and the bike is not  to be ridden at the track until the problem is addressed to the clubs satisfaction.

9.3         Bikes must have front and rear brakes in good working condition.

9.4         Stop button must be fitted and operational on all bikes.

9.5         All lights must be taped even if plastic lens are fitted.

9.6         Handlebars must be fitted with recognised type plugs.

9.7        Levers must have ball ends.

9.8         Throttle must return automatically.

9.9         Dirt bike tyres must befitted.

9.10       No bike to be fitted with scoop or paddle tyres.

9.11       Bike must be in mechanically safe and sound condition.

9.12       Muffler must be fitted and noise level is not exceed a measurement of 95 dBA at  30 metres. Any bike suspected of exceeding this level will be tested and if above 95 dBA will be excluded from the track until retested and judged OK.

10  Clothing Minimum Requirements for all Riders

10.1          If the Day Supervisor notices any rider does not meet the following club rules regarding clothing then the rider shall be advised that they will not use the track until the problem is rectified to the Supervisors satisfaction.

10.2           Eye protection must be worn at all times on the track and be made of shatterproof material. No TearOffs

10.3           Long sleeves and long pants to be worn at all times. Garments with large holes are not permitted.

10.4           Gloves must be worn at all times on the track.

10.5           Boots must be of recognised motocross type and be of length that covers ¾ of  the length of the lower leg this includes all junior and pee wee riders.

10.6           Helmets to be worn at all times, must be ASA approved bearing ASA 1698 sticker.(no push bike helmets)

10.7           Helmets must be done up correctly.

10.8           Long hair must not be exposed and no hoodies.

10.9          Under 18 Junior riders MUST also wear:

                  a)         full Face Helmet

                  b)        Knee guards

                  c)          Elbow guards

                  d)        Body armour

                  e)         Full motocross style boots

11  Accident Procedure

11.1         Any rider who sustains an injury of any type shall report the injury as soon as possible to the Day Supervisor and shall refrain from riding at the discretion of the said Supervisor if he considers it so warrants or until in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner it is safe to continue riding.

11.2         In the event of serious accident the MPMCC accident report form must be completed.

11.3        Riders must render assistance in the event of an accident; e.g. stop other bikes and notify DaySupervisor.

11.4       All members must have their own ambulance cover.  If the Day Supervisor feels an ambulance should be called they will do so if the injured person has ambulance cover or not.